Forex Report for Exporters and Importers: 29th January 2019

Insignia Consultants

New Delhi

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

TIME: 9:07 am IST


(inter-bank prices below)

Venezuela developments, Brexit new plan, Huawei telecom issues and its aftermaths will be closely watched by the currency markets from a long term perspective. FOMC on Wednesday night will cause volatility only if there is some surprises. Key technical resistances in euro and pound need to be broken for another wave of rise. Yen can trade sideways.

Chinese consumer demand will also be closely watched as China celebrates its New Year next week. Traders will be looking for clues on impact on Chinese demand due to US induced trade war.


Traders will prefer to be on the sidelines till Monday. Global risk and Indian interim budget surprises will be closely watched.

US dollar-Indian Rupee (usd/inr CMP 71.1950):

One Support: 71.1350

One Resistance: 71.3750

  • Usd/inr can rise to 71.3950 and 71.5250 as long as it trades over 71.0950.
  • Small sell off will be there below 71.1350.
  • Better to remain on the sidelines till tomorrow.

Euro/Indian Rupee (Euro/inr CMP 81.3800):

One Support: 81.1750

One Resistance: 81.5250

  • 200 day moving average at 81.4450 is the key resistance.
  • A break of 81.4450 will result in 81.6700 and 81.9800.
  • Bearish trend (till tomorrow) will be there only below 80.8950.

UK Pound/Indian Rupee (Gbp/inr CMP 93.6050):

One Support: 93.4950

One Resistance: 93.9250

  • Gbp/inr needs to trade over 93.4950 to rise to 94.7550 and 93.9250.
  • Small sell off will be there below 93.4950 today.
  • Look for signs of correction.

Japanese Yen/Indian Rupee (Jpy/inr CMP 65.1900):

One Support: 65.0550

One Resistance: 65.3300

  • A break of 65.3300 will result in 65.5600 and 65.7200.
  • Small sell off will be there below 64.9650.

Euro/US dollar (euro/usd CMP 1.1429):

One Support: 1.1379

One Resistance: 1.1451

  • 1451 is the key resistance.
  • Euro/usd needs to trade over 1.1451 to rise to 1.1572.
  • Small sell off will be there below 1.1398.
  • Crash will be there if 1.1550 is not broken by 5th

UK Pound/US dollar (gbp/usd CMP 1.3147):

One Support: 1.3088

One Resistance: 1.3188

  • Cable needs to trade over 1.3100 till Friday to rise to 1.3300 and 1.3375.
  • I expect a correction first and then the rise. Corrections upto 1.3030 will be a part of the bullish trend reversal.
  • Small sell off will be there below 1.3123 today.

US dollar/Japanese Yen (usd/jpy CMP 109.22):

One Support: 108.88

One Resistance: 109.62

  • Small sell off will be there below 108.88.
  • Crash will be there below 108.60 or in case yen does not break 110.30 by 5th

US dollar/Indonesia Rupiah (usd/idr CMP 14092.50):

One Support: 14058.50

One Resistance: 14156.50

  • Quick rise will be there if rupiah trades over 14110 to 14156 and 14189.
  • Small sell off will be there below 14058.50.
  • There can be very sharp two way moves till Monday.
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